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Increased blood flow = more oxygen = more fun

Increased elasticity improves blood flow to vital organs.

Helps relax smooth muscle tissue and make it more elastic.

Nitric oxide (NO) is produced in the endothelial cells.

How do you benefit from nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring molecule produced by your body. It expands blood vessels, improves blood flow, increases endurance and stamina, and helps remove lactic acid from your blood. Making sure that your body produces the right amount of nitric oxide can help you feel healthier and stronger.

Three key amino acids help produce nitric oxide

Three amino acids (arginine, citrulline and taurine) are key to the production of nitric oxide and the corresponding increase in blood flow. These free form amino acids are added in the correct proportions in our beverages.

Nitric oxide expands blood vessels

Nitric oxide expands blood vessels, enhances blood flow, and prevents the buildup of waste and toxins that lead to fatigue and tiredness.

Nitric oxide improves endurance and stamina

Nitrix oxide improves endurance and stamina by increasing blood flow and supplying your muscles and organs with nutrients and oxygen.

Nitric oxide levels start to decline in your 30s

Research has shown that when people hit 30 years old, natural levels of nitric oxide decrease and blood flow is reduced. This means less exercise capacity, less overall energy levels and a decline in mental capacity. Getting those levels realigned to optimal means staving off the effects of aging.

Because our products contain vasodilators

Individuals prescribed medication for high blood pressure or under the care of a cardiologist should consult their physician to determine if Love Life is appropriate for them. Not recommended for people under 18 years old, nursing or who are pregnant.

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Jul. 2, 2019

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