the lovebirds behind the brand

Our Colorado-based founders, Kristin and Carl, know a thing or two about love - they’ve been happily together for over 35 years! Their shared passion for helping others led them to develop Love Life as a way to educate and share the relatively unknown benefits of nitric oxide with the world so others can live healthier more passionate lives.

Meet the rest of the birds & the bees

Andrew Nordberg

Director of Finance and Operations
// Yoga Wizard

Andrew is our taurean financial master on the streets as well as in the spreadsheets, lending his expertise from the north in Minneapolis, MN.

Katrin Schroeder

Social Media and Creative Director
// Florentine Fairy

Eldest daughter of our founders and energy behind the brand personality, Katrin can be found flitting about the streets of Florence, Italy with gelato and paint brush in hand.

Zach Lawrence

National Sales Manager
// Team Unicorn

Mile high club member (he lives in the mile high city of Denver), 'Speedy Z' is a kind soul and PR master, quick to lend his support wherever the team needs it.

Cherie Jackson

Marketing Director
// Veggie Jedi

Cherie is our Chicago based marketing guru. This tender-hearted, brilliant Aussie also runs her own delicious business, Frooze Balls.

Marie Schroeder

Marketing + Strategy
// Midwest Mermaid

Youngest daughter of our founders and multi-talented marketing genius, this quick-witted double taurus resides in Colorado.

We ♥️ the planet

We developed Love Life to sustain your pleasure, and we would like the Earth to sustain with you. Love Life is a proud member of 1% for the Planet. We commit 1% of all revenue to efforts helping to sustain the health of our beautiful planet. By promoting healthy conversations focused around sexual wellness, love, and relationships, we are working to create a more passionate, sustainable world.


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